44 miles of single track in Raleigh, NC

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I decided to ride all the single track that I can get to from my house. I managed 44 miles of sweet single track goodness with about 2 miles of pavement and around 10 miles of gravel double track in Umstead park.

A small group joined me in my quest.

The single track we have in the area is great especially for a single speeder. My first section was Crabtree where we road every inch of the park. After leaving crabtree the rest of the ride was on more natural trails. These trails are not official parks and many are top secret. Today was the first time I road all six of the hush hush trail systems.

The ride was great with awesome trail conditions with dry hardpack in the more heavily ridden trails and great dry pine needle carpet for other trails. Others in the group were plauged by mechanical problems with a broken saddle rail, a flat tire, and a hub that went south. My bike was spared and performed great.

Photos of my bike from the trail today.

  1. Wayne Hudson says:

    Single minded on single track!

  2. James says:

    Nice! You know I would have been there with you if I was not here in CA (with poison oak all over my face and arms). :(

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