Packing for the TDR

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

The TDR starts June 8th so I don’t have a lot more time.

My dad and I are going to drive to Banff and as such I am leaving today to go to his house. I will do some bike riding in the northern va area then the two of us will drive to Banff with the target of arriving on the 7th.

Since today is my last day in Raleigh I am doing my final packing and gear selection. Very little will change in my gear kit from this point out.

This past week I have questioned everything about the TDR and my approach. I am in way over my head but that’s part of the challenge.

I am sure I am bringing some things I should leave home and forgetting something important. I have a few days so some final changes are possible.

The following is my gear kit.

Front quick access items, 1496g

  • Rocket bottle (cane sugar and instant coffee mix), 235g
  • Gatoraid powder pack, 60g
  • 3x Germx wipes, 20g
  • Map for the day, 25g
  • Front bar bottle and strap with 24oz water, 851g
  • bear bell, 50g
  • GPS, 190g
  • Spot, 135g

Front bedroll, 1655g

  • Silk sleeping bag liner, 120g
  • Emergency space blanked, 45g
  • SOL emergency bivi bag, 95g
  • Car windscreen heat shield for sleeping pad, 225g
  • Maps for other days, 255g
  • Bivy sack, 630g
  • 5x GermX wipes, 35g

Frame bag, lower pocket

  • LED flashlight, 110g
  • Tire levers, 35g
  • Chain bit and spare brake pads, 60g
  • Multi tool, 110g
  • Passport and credit cards, 40g
  • Utility razor, 10g
  • Chain oil, 30g
  • Sunscreen, 45g
  • Bug repellent, 30g
  • Water treatment tabs, 15g
  • Floss and gear repair needle, 10g
  • Toothpaste, 40g
  • Toothbrush plus case, 45g
  • Cellphone plus charger, 170g

Frame bag, upper pocket

  • Chamois Butter, 255g
  • Gatoraid powder, 290g
  • Olive Oil, 165g
  • Oatmeal, 255g
  • Zipties, 30g


  • Down bag, 865g
  • Spare shorts, 210g
  • Wool hat, 60g
  • Long-sleeved undershirt, 215g
  • Event jacket, 320g
  • Tights, 260g
  • Mittens, 95g
  • Knee warmers, 110g
  • Rubber gloves, 25g
  • Heavy jacket, 815g


  • Low mount water bottle, 1465g (or 70g when empty)

Items not weighed

  • Two 29er tubes zip tied to frame
  • One extra crank bolt zip tied to bottle cage
  • Five extra spokes zip tied to frame

The bike with the above is 46 pounds dry and almost 50 pounds when all the water bottles plus a little extra food is on board. The scary thing is that when it rains the bike will also be covered with mud plus once everything is wet it will get a little heavier.

I will also generally have bear spray, some food in my jersey pockets, and will always carry one or two extra bottles in my pockets.

Let me know what you think, am I bringing crap that I don’t need? Should I bring more or different crap?

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  1. mert says:

    print out this list so you know where everything is and what you have! and good luck we’ll be tracking you!

  2. Chris says:

    Great list and photos. Have you thought about taking lip balm and nasal ointment? The sun and dry desert really plays havoc on these sensitive areas.

  3. 211287 says:

    ditch the tabs. they take 4 hours to work and the groundwater from southern montana to central colorado is pretty thick with giardia.

    get a steri-pen

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