More TDR training.

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

I did another TDR training ride over the past few days.

I have been looking forward to the PMBAR adventure race for a few months. My thinking was that I could kill two birds with one stone and ride to and from Pisgah. The only problem was that I had some setbacks so I modified the plan to give me a few days to complete the bike.

On Thursday night I finished the bike build.

Friday morning was a 90 mile ride to meet my PMBAR partner. After that the too of us drove to Pisgah.

The race as a lot of fun. Matt and I road/walked a lot of really tough singletrack then on the gravel roads we got major lost a few times. The good thing about getting major lost on gravel is that we got to see more of the park. In the end our route/pacing got us four checkpoints but we did not have enough time left so we bailed to take the road route back. I don’t remember the miles but there was a lot and many of them were walking. I felt really fresh at the end.

Later that night after the post PMBAR burrito eating. I loaded up on the bike packing bike for the trip back home. Blue Ridge Parkway via 477 (Avery Creek) followed by 1206 (Yellow Gap), and then 5000 (Wash Creek). The Saturday night bivy site was at the end of 5000 (Wash Creek). Sunday was a 150 mile grind up the Blue Ridge, Monday was 110 miles to Mt. Airy, and today was a 170 mile ride to get me back home.

PMBAR and the ride back help simulate the physical demands of the TDR. I feel great and think the training has been going well. The new bike is great I need to work out a few more issues with my sleep system and camping kit but I am feeling close to ready.

  1. Bonnie Bloom says:

    looks like you made it quite a ways on Sunday — nice meeting you!

    • Mark says:

      Ya, I wanted to make it to Va but the Parkway has a detour and is closed for the last little bit in NC before VA. I was fading fast as the night wore on.

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