Leaving for Pisgah

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

This weekend is the Pisgah adventure race.

My plan was to ride the race and also do some bikepacking prep. The idea was to leave from Raleigh and take four days to ride the 400 miles from here to Pisgah along the Blue Ridge Parkway then do the race and after that ride back. I like travel by bicycle and figure it would save money on gas plus it’s easy to ride long days when you are going some place far away.

The problem with the plan is that I wanted to ride my new bike and the past few weeks I have had all sorts of delays with getting stuff done. For this bike I built special wheels but the spokes came in the wrong size due to a mixup on the order. I had some other issues with getting parts here in time. Finally I decided to delay the trip because I needed a couple more days to get the bike done.

As of about an hour ago the new bike is now done.

This bike is a special bikepacking rig that I build up with some slight geometry modifications and component changes. Frankly this is very last minute and at this point I am not sure if I will take the new bike or my trusty white single speed on the Tour Divide.

I need some time to prove out the component choices on the new bike especially the track ends and v-brakes so this week I hope to put in 500+ miles starting in a few minutes.

The new plan is for me to ride 100 miles to meet up with my Pisgah race partner who lives a few towns southwest of here. When I get to his place I will let him drive while I sleep….

Tomorrow we will race Pisgah adventure race together. The Pisgah race is epic and a good place to find problems with bikes and riders. Hopefully the new bike will prove to be a good solid ride for what should be 70+ miles of HTFU mountain riding.

If all goes well at Pisgah I will be riding back to Raleigh via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I have my SPOT tracker and will be turning it on in a few minutes. You can use the following link to access my SPOT page. The spot page will show where I am with an update about once every 10 minutes.

SPOT LINK: http://tinyurl.com/77259kk

I will also be trying the auto posting spot messages to my blog. Two types of messages will show up. One message will indicate that I am moving and another message will be used for marking where I plan to camp for the night. Today will be a mixed day because it will have 100ish miles of riding followed by a long car drive but the rest of the trip will be pedal powered.

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